A couple of weeks ago I wrote a story in which I said that I was ready to basically give up on the idea of true love.I'm the type of girl who has saved herself all my life for someone special because I always believed I would find someone like that and all the waiting would be over.However in the story I said that I was ready to just have meaningless flings in order to gain experience so that I would hurt less.I thought I could do it but I was wrong,I just don't have it in me.See I was ready to give up because I thought that what I had hoped for would never happen for me but now I'm convinced I was wrong.Many of you are going to find me naive and stupid but I can't help but believe that there's someone special out there made just for me.Over the week I met this guy,Jake.We connected on such a deep level so fast.We had so much in common because we sort of went through the same struggle growing up and our personalities just mixed.By the end of the week it felt like I had known him for ages.I'm not in love with him but meeting him gave me hope.I know I sound crazy to a lot of people but I am willing to wait for the right guy,the man I'm going to marry.Its just how I was raised and I just can't shake it.I believe in true love and I'm willing to wait to find it.



RoseAmongThorns RoseAmongThorns
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I wish you good luck and hope that all of us will find true love someday .

Thank you,I hope so too.