Love Is Real

I love this girl. I'm not talking about "love" teen love and stuff I'm talking about I LOVE her with everything I got. Her name's Caroline. I love her so much.

But she was with another guy..And we was bad. Here's my story:

So Caroline and I were always best friends. We'd always fool around and got off and we never cared who watched. I started to fall for her and I was scared because I thought she would never even like a guy like me. She had a boyfriend too. Big, built, good-looking and all that. In my mind I was like,"She's got a boyfriend why do I even care?"

But my heart was all,"You do stupid."

I was confused but I never showed it near her. I came to the conclusion that I wanted her to be happy, and even though I'm not with her, she's happy with her boyfriend and I accepted that. It was kinda sad, actually sometimes because they were such a cute couple and she was so happy and I was just there watching them kiss and stuff. She always texted me whenever she had a problem even when she had her boyfriend, shed text me all the time. We still goofed off like children and nothing changed. Until, one day at Sarah, our best friend's house.

She wanted us and a couple friends to come over to watch movies. Caroline and I sat o the same couch and watched the movies, goofed around and even wrestled and I let her beat me and all. It was great. Then a really boring movie about the victorian age went on and we both just relaxed on the couch and she put her head on my chest and we played pacman on her phone and she beat me for real. Then she fell asleep on my chest and had her head under my chin and I just held her. It was probably the happiest I've been in a loooong time. I was infinite at that time and when her mom came to pick her up, I missed her so much.

Then about a month or two after she calls me to come with her and her boyfriend to play soccer and it was fun me and her goofed off and then I went home. Then I realized she was calling me to come with them everywhere and I felt like I was a third wheeler. The night we went to play soccer I told her that my arm hurt so I could leave them be and stuff but she didn't let me. So i just forget about it and we both goof off. Suddenly her boyfriend tells her to shut up and she does but I continue and she started to goof off with me again.

Then her boyfriend yells at her SHUT THE **** UP and smacked her.

I lost it and tackled him to the ground and beat the crap out of him and jet punched and kicked him. All I saw way red I was so mad. After I go over and helped Caroline up and held her while I walked her home. We just left her unconscious boyfriend in the park.

She confessed that its been happening for a long time and she thought she could handle it but she could'nt which is why she called me to come along all those times. I held her tight and confessed that i liked her at that moment. i couldn't keep it from her anymore. I told her:

"Caroline, he hit you. Do you realize how horrible that is? I lost it back there because when i saw that it's like a knife went through me. Don't you dare let a guy hit you ever again, do you understand me?"

"Why do you care?" she said.

"Because…because I like you…a lot. And..i want you to be happy even if it s not with me. But not like this. I couldn't stand seeing you two kiss and thinking about that stuff as it is. Now this, this hurt. Watching hit you made me so mad cause I would never do that to you. All I want is to make you happy and smile because I love your smile and your eyes and the way you blush and EVERYTHING about you and you are so important to me and I can't see you get hurt this way or in anyway and-"

then she shut me up with a kiss and she looked at me with a big smile on her face and tears running down her cheeks. I'm pretty sure i had tears too. but when she kissed me I thought my heart would jump out of my chest and dance on the snowy street.

She looked at me and said,"Seth, i…i don't know what to say other than…I like you too. so much actually. I feel like you protect me and you care for me no matter what. i can tell you anything and you are honestly the sweetest most thoughtful guy ever..I… I actually dream about us kissing and cuddling and stuff…"she looks down" stupid huh..?"

I smile and tilt her chin up,"Its not because I want to make those dreams come true." Then I kissed her and picked her up and spun around and walked her home.

The next day we run into her ex and she ends it. He looked at me with a battered and bruised face and I said,"If you ever touch her again, I'll kill you." and she took my hand and we walked away and goofed off like best friends.

Its been a year and half we've been together and I've never been so happy to have her. She the most important girl in the world to me. I will anything to make her happy. She's my princess and honestly I can't imagine my life without her.

Have that relationship where we act like best friends all the time and siblings and couples its so amazing cause I'm so comfortable with her and can tell her anything.

I love her so much.

JokerArtist JokerArtist
18-21, T
Dec 15, 2012