Now And Forever

I am sure that we have met before or was it the life before. Well, perhaps we need to wait a little longer before being together is completed! I have waited many moons for any signs from you and I believed deep down my journey was about to come to a end for sure.

This journey for me has been full of obstacles, big and small while leaping tall buildings and swimming oceans and rivers but always coming full circle. I didn’t understand the reasons why this had to happen, but I couldn't give up, because my faith was too strong and as long as I lived I promised my heart to find you in this huge and wonderful world.

Sometimes when I walk alone along these busy streets at night, I look at people’s faces trying to find you. But to no avail; I don’t know for sure where you are or how I will recognized you and Perhaps you’re so close to me, at the next table or just round the corner or perhaps far away in another country! I often imagine you in my head.

I’m curious what you’re doing or thinking, what are you're plans and dreams are? I would love to share mine with you! But not only my dreams but my undying love and devotion.

I have wondered more than once where you were and what kept you away from me…Do we have to wait and wait before we can find each other or does death have to knock on our door before destiny crosses our path? I’m waiting for you to come into my life and be part of me! I will take you for who you are and share all the good and bad times together.

I want you to know from the very beginning that a strong relationship in my mind is based on mutual understanding, love, care, respect, trust, honesty and sincerity!

My dear friend, my lover my soul mate where are you. As long as my heart keeps beating I'll keep waiting for as long as it takes to have you by my side now and forever.

kipross44 kipross44
46-50, M
Dec 16, 2012