Pieces Of Love

When I noticed this guy walking beside me with bags of shopping, I teased him about spending his money on clothes. After chatting to him for a few minutes, he said to me, "Bye, love!"

That's one thing that's very endearing about the Brits - the way people address each other affectionately as "Love" whether you know them or not. (Though, I have observed that it's usually people from the north of England that say "love" while people in London usually say "darling.") Perhaps, deep inside people remember everyone's real identity as Love.

I believe the Universe is Infinite Love. Therefore, every part of creation is both a piece of Infinite Love and the whole of Infinite Love. In other words, each piece of creation is Infinite Love in manifestation. Each piece of creation contains the entire universe.

I believe when you live with the conscious awareness of all as Love, you can influence any part of creation. For instance, you can ask the wind to be still and the wind will obey you because you are addressing the wind as the Love that you are. The moment you see the wind as some entity separate from you, there's an ongoing battle between two forces - you and the wind. Why should the wind listen to you when it's more powerful than you?

Just this morning when it got blustery and my eyes were watering, I said to the wind: "Would you mind toning it down a bit, love?" The wind stopped blowing. I could sense the wind was very happy to be of service.

Everywhere I see pieces of Love in action.

Enjoy your day, love!

(c) E Joseph

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1 Response Dec 29, 2012

It's all about becoming "one"

With the wind I mean

Good idea. When you love you are one with what you love.

Cheers, love!