Love Is a Many Splendid Thing

I'll admit right up front, I'm a hopeless romantic.

I live for those long walks on the beach at dawn, candlelit dinners and baths with rose petals floating on the water.

I often (sometimes stupidly I admit) will put love and relationships before anything else, even if it turns out being the wrong thing to do. When love comes into the equation, rationality leaves. Usually I'm a normal, down to earth and reserved guy, but put me with my girl and I turn into a pile of mushyness.

Some might say (and some have) that it will be my downfall. The bad part about being a mushy hopeless romantic is if it ends, I get destroyed. I am terrible in break-ups, I break down, I cry, I mope, I turn from a hopeless romantic into a hopeless mess.

So why do I do this to myself do you ask? Why put myself in such a position to be destroyed?

Well I'll tell you.

For one thing, as a hopeless romantic I do believe in true love. I believe that out there for everyone (yes, everyone) that there is a person out there that will fully complete them, a soul mate if you will. Unfortunately not everyone finds their soul mate I also believe, but I do believe they exist.

Secondly, there is something absolutely wonderful about surrendering yourself completely to someone that they are in a position to destroy you if they so wish. Giving yourself to someone so totally, full and complete trust in that person is a beautiful thing and I am fully willing to do that and risk my heart in the process.

Because Love is always worth it.

Deyve Deyve
18-21, M
14 Responses Jul 11, 2006

Dear Deyve, what a beautiful moving story, and coming from a young man, all the more beautiful, there are so very many women out there who are just waiting for a caring man such as yourself, who can give his heart and soul to the right woman, so take your time and look around, you never know where you will find her, she may not fit the picture in your mind of the perfect woman, but look beyond the physical, into her heart.
And her soul, it may be that you are just a little too young right now, and you need more dating experience, before you find your soulmate and commit for life, so enjoy living for now and know she is there for you when you both are ready,

ya its so beautifully soothing to give yourself to someone..............but its so devastatingly ugly when that someone crush your heart into does it happen when people first want you to surrender yourself to them and then turn their back........wanting to have a 'space'..............i wish you to find somebody who loves and respect you..........!!!!

one of my exes tried to set up a romantic bath for just wasn't. i got hot quickly and the space is small and ya...i try to not remember that.

I agree completely. I see exactly where you're coming from, and I actually see things the same way somewhat. This was so brutally honest and truthful, I loved it.

Wow. That was beautiful, and obviously totally honest. :) i appreciate your honesty. I believe in the exact same things as you....only im not so sure i'll actually ever find My soulmate.....but i know he exists. I think you put into words the way a lot of people feel. :) including myself...and i believe you will find that person. Whoever they may be.

Wow,that was sweet,i cried :) happy tears of course,

You have expressed your feelings well. This is lovely. I am the same when it comes to love...a hopeless romantic.

Awe, that is so sweet. I teared up a bit. Some people think they are a hopeless romantic; some really do believe it. There are days I feel like a hopeless romantic; today though I believe I just truthfully found the best guy for me; he's shy though and don't show emotion who is also down to earth and reserved. Like you though he also talks bout a bath full of rose petals and the candle lit dinner and beaches. I love that too; that's what I would enjoy. That's how I hope my first official date to be a candle light dinner and a walk in a park... we got no beaches around here but even going to a lake would be nice. The reason I say he is; is he's a Christian man, is always nice and positive towards me, he's very truthful, mannered, and we got much in common and not one guy has treated me as great as him. He also said that God has a plan for me, I pray you keep hope and never lose your faith. And that I could trust him.<br />
<br />
Your right; there's a soul mate out there for everyone. And I loved the last part about surrendering yourself completely to someone. That is a strong soul a person has to surrender for another; I know I would surrender completely to this guy. And to put full trust in someone is a beautiful thing; I'm risking my heart too cause Love is worth it. I enjoyed reading your story. Take care! :D

you brought a tears to my have beautiful soul....i hope you will find the one that makes you happy forever and you will never feel that loving someone was a downfall.........blessed are those girls that cross your path..true romance and true romantics are i think very rare....<br />
<br />
i am positevely shocked to hear that a boy can feel like that..i thought that only girls feel like that.....:)<br />
its nice discovery:)<br />
<br />
you have loving heart but dont waste yourself on the wrong people who are not loving to you...

Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy,<br />
<br />
absentminded. Someone sober<br />
<br />
will worry about things going badly.<br />
<br />
Let the lover be.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
From Essential Rumi<br />
<br />
by Coleman Barks

love to love :)

Beautifully said. By your definition, I am a hopeless romantic as well. Hope that you have found your one. I know I have and couldn't be happier. <br />
<br />
Part of the fun is the journey. When you do find that person that fits you so well, you will be in awe of how coincidence can bring two people with such different backgrounds and personalties together. Every day I am amazed at these strong feelings. <br />
<br />
Love is beautiful.

You say it so well. I totally agree with you and I feel the same about love. Soulmates, trust, and totally surrendering yourself. I guess that does it. :)

I think your brave and have a lot 2 gane in how u look at life and love.<br />