Became Together

I would like to talk about my best friends Marcos & Roxy. I am so lucky to have them.
Roxy :1 As I look upon her face I see an image of beauty, surrounded by a golden cascade of fine hair, blowing freely in the wind. Her eyes, sort a blue-grey colour, seem to sparkle as she smiles or speaks. The nose, straight and noble, has nostrils that dilate as she laughs, and her mouth is a soft as down but smiles to reveal a perfect set of white teeth. She is not very tall Overall she is the perfect example of femininity.
Marcos:He has a blonde hair with and elegant face. He has the most amazing smile and very gentle features.
These 2 beautiful heart Became together Collected the most beautiful Lovely couple I have ever seen.
When I see them speak together I believe In Love more and more.
I am very Happy to you Roxy Ryan & Marcos Marçal de Sousa.
Congratulation <3

SweetLana123 SweetLana123
13-15, F
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Congratulation Lovely couple

Cute Marcos & Roxy