I Do Believe..that Love Is..life's Beauty

Love is an emotion and sometimes have passions, for lovers in love. They discover each other and find many reasons to re-discover in detail , again and again. They want to perfect, not their love making but their life with love.
It is in their smiles, the burnt bread he made and the ink she spilled on his shirt. All, they were trying to show in gestures, they care and they love. Not only in sex, but in making success in life too.
Come rain come thunder, come floods they never surrender, the people who know how to love, they have the strength to face any force and save their loved ones from disaters..except death...but love lives beyond life..it stays and reminds hearts about the tale of life..story of love..
hotcrossbun hotcrossbun
31-35, F
Jan 11, 2013