My Baggerboy

My past is fairly boring. I was born and raised in a mid-sized town. I got together with my first boyfriend when I was 14 years old. He was the heavy metal hard core neighbor boy who was a good friend of mine. We were together for about a year and a half and then he got me pregnant and we broke up. I then went with another boy, the complete opposite of my first boyfriend, for about 3 years and then was single for a whole summer before moving into my next relationship.

By this point I was 20 years old. My best friend (a girl) decided to take me to a “cool” party. I was bored so I went along with it. So she takes me to this house and we walk in to this boy’s room. And there is a mini version of her boyfriend looking back at us… her boyfriend’s little brother, a tall thin lanky boy who happened to be my old neighbor… this boy lived across the street from me for a few years and NEVER said a word to anyone.. he was so creepy, my family nicknamed him Waldo. OK  so so far there is mini boyfriend and Waldo, next person I make eye contact with is a sweet looking teddy bear of a teenager and he has a big genuine smile and is very flirty, but will most likely come out of the closest one day and admit he is gay. The final person I see is a cute boy who I had seen and talked to before. I had a secret crush on him and he didn't even know I was alive. He worked for the local market as a bagger boy. So another complete stranger, but familiar all the same. And that was it… THAT was this “Cool” party that we “Had to go to”. A back bedroom on some condo filled with these nerdy teenage boys drinking Zimas… and it just so happens to be a mini boyfriend, Waldo, Teddy Bear and Baggerboy. Of now the party was going to get fun because now these horny nerds had real live GIRLS in their room!!! LOL of course I am the only SINGLE girl so ALL the attention get thrown at me. Back then I did not like getting that kind of attention. Now .. I wouldn't care. But boy I can remember feeling so overwhelmed and embarrassed. I was aware of ever breathe I took and every move I made.

This little group of teenagers stuck together throughout most of a summer and into the fall. It ended up tapering down to smaller group and the Redhead mini boyfriend ended up asking me out. By this point in my life I was sick and tired of being single and was wanted a companion. I was not attracted to this boy in ANY way. But he liked me and I didn't think I would be very successful at getting anything better then him. My heart really wanted the Baggerboy  who happened to be the redhead mini boyfriend’s best friend. But he was so far out of my league. There was no way that THAT boy would like me. I was a curvy goofy girl who likes to joke around and smoke pot and worked a lot. I was in no way HOT like the other girls. I was goofy not cool. So when the redhead asked my out I said ok, why not.

The group of friends then became the three amigos. Myself, redhead and Baggerboy would go everywhere together. When we walked I was always in the middle. And when we would run into people we knew, everyone ASSUMED I was with Baggerboy not the redhead. I was embarrassed to correct them and say… oh no… Baggerboy isn't my boyfriend.. red is.
So one night we all went to see a Comedy show. This particular comedy throws things at the audience so if you are sitting in the front rows you need to hold up plastic to protect yourself. So we were sitting with red on my left and Baggerboy on my right. Somehow during the show Baggerboy and I made physical connection… some how our hands ended up bumping and touching and before we knew it we were secretly holding hands under the protection of the plastic. It was very exciting. I know… holding hands.. woo hoo… as if that’s so sexy. But to a shy 20 year old girl to be holding hands with one boy while you are dating the other… VERY thrilling. And of course, because I can seriously NEVER do anything without getting caught… we got caught. Red noticed our hands were together and got so ANGRY with Baggerboy  He felt our hands and felt how sweaty they were. Showing that they were obviously been interlocked for quite some time. Funny, he was so pissed at Baggerboy and not mad at me. As if I wasn't a part of it.

After that show Baggerboy and I would find little ways to bump into each other, to give each other little squeezes. I was falling for this boy and regretting being with Red. I didn't love Red. But what was I to do. I didn't think Baggerboy felt the same. How could he? I don’t really remember what inspired the phone call… but finally one night late Baggerboy and I had our first phone conversation that was just me and him. Red was not around. We talked on the phone for hours and ended up exchanging our feelings. Turns out he was just as attracted to me as I was to him. All the flirting he had been doing was NOT what he does with other girls. Apparently I was special to him. I was thrilled and then quickly stressed. NOW what do we do. Baggerboy and Red had been best friends for YEARS. I could be the one who breaks up this friendship. And how could a girl who is sleeping and dating with one and then dumps him and goes for his friend NOT break up a friendship. I was so stressed.

To top it off, I am a Florist, It was now getting into February and many of you know Valentine’s Day is in February. Well I had already roped in BOTH boys to help me with my work as being holiday drivers. I would be working with both of them for about a week. I did not want my work to know of my relationship problems, so I kept it a secret.

Baggerboy and I would see each other secretly for about 2 weeks. These two weeks were so hard on me and so exciting at the same time. I was being a cheating girlfriend. I HATE that I did that to Red, but I couldn't dump him before the holiday because then my work would know. I had to wait and yet I couldn't wait to be with Baggerboy.

On one night I even slept with them both. I know there is a lot of girls out there that sleep with different partners all the time. I am not one of those. But I was trapped with Red. He wanted to play and I couldn't let on that anything was wrong, so I had sex with him. And then a few short hours later Baggerboy came over to my house and I WANTED to sleep with him. So I had them both that day. Funny, I am not one to judge a man’s size. I think ***** are ugly. They are tool that I love but just a tool. If you can tell from what you have read about me I was a relationship girl. I slept with each of my boyfriends but up until this point I had only been with Heavy Metal boy, Nerd Boy and now Red and Baggerboy. Before there was also some time in-between partners so I never judged or even gave a second thought to **** size or technique. I was young and all my encounters were in the bedroom with the lights off and shirt still on. I was not very exciting or talented in bed back then. So on this one night I was with both boys.

First was Red, Red was a fair skinned redheaded boy with a ton of freckles… no muscle and bit chunky around the middle. Not very hot to me and to top it off quite the computer nerd. I am more attracted to the bad boy image then a nerd. But a nerd he was. His **** was a good size. I think larger then my previous two lovers. He was not very talented in bed. None of my previous lovers were. In fact I didn't have my first ****** until my husband. Anyways, sex was normal … vanilla… nothing to write home about. It was in his dirty bedroom and quick. I couldn't wait to leave. It was the first time I had ever had sex with someone and wasn't emotionally connected with them.  I felt hollow and fake.

Next was Baggerboy, He was waiting at my house for me. He liked to sneak into my room and be waiting for me when I came home. Baggerboy is what I was attracted to. He is average height and more muscles then Red but not bulging. Lean no chub around the middle. Skin slightly olive color and clean with dark brown hair and blue/hazel eyes. And his smile…….awww… made me melt. He was witty and fun and had an edge of bad boy but at the same time neighborhood nice guy. Funny, **** wise… he is much smaller in size then his friend. But in bed, a MUCH better lover. He is smaller but more in tuned with his body as well as mine. Everyone always brags about **** size how it’s so important. This is a bunch of bull. I ended up with the man with a smaller ****… I had the chance to be with a man who loved me and who was larger but I CHOSE to be with a better man who happened to be smaller in size. To me.. Size doesn't matter. After he left for the night I laid there on my bed looking at the ceiling and was amazed at myself. I couldn't believe that I had done that. I had slept with two guys in the same day. What was I doing?
 As soon as the holiday was over I broke up with Red. He was heartbroken. He cried. He couldn't understand why I would break up with him. I had told him I didn't feel the same towards him as he did towards me. He was in love with me. He begged for sex one more time. He pleaded. He asked if I could “grow” to love him. It broke my heart to break his. So not fair to him to have to go though that. But I loved Baggerboy. So I dumped him and left and Baggerboy was waiting at my house in my bedroom for when I got home.
Baggerboy and I waited a few more weeks to make it official to our friends that we were a couple. He even tried to do the noble thing and ask Red if he was ok with him and I going out. Of Red said he didn't mind. But Red quickly stopped being around. My fears had come true. The Best friends were no more and it was my fault.

But it turns out to all be OK  Baggerboy and I have now been together for 19 years and are stronger then ever. I am so ashamed of being the cheating girlfriend but I wouldn't change the outcome for the world.  
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done... hi!

Great story. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have many more happy years.

me too! lol

Nice Story. Sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you is right.

yes we do

A sweet little love story, that ended well for you and BB

My own little f'ked up little fairytale

Baggerboy loves you very much, its a very sweet outcome

yes its kindof our little messed up

It doesn't sound very messed up at all, you and BB were meant to be!!

Thanks for your kind words....and yes I do love her dearly!!!!!


Great story....Thanks your Baggerboy!!!!!