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You And Me :Cosmic Love

I would wait for you. Somewhere in a nice room - a bit modern but with a lot of touch of past. Modern space with old wooden furniture.

Big strong, old wooden bed. White sheets, soft bedding.

Energy of the room would be very positive - intoxicating - with constant, supportive flow - and smell of freshness and flowers - lavender mixed with mint, very delicate and very upraising.

Big windows covered with white, light curtains flying, moved by warm welcoming wind not far from the sea. You could hear it - melody of the sea inside. Sunny, warm, perfect day.
                                           *     *     *

You would spend all morning till early afternoon on the beach. Naked. Alone. No people around. No traffic. No problems. All gone. All on vacations. Let them go.


 I would watch you in my mind.
 I would crave.                                                                        
 I would howl in pain.                                                             
 I would drive in madness                                                       
 and sustain in saint.

I would carry on and stay as bright and as strong in quiet understanding, in the flow of desire.  I wish you would hide in me. I hope you could melt and see. I want you. I want you so much. Can you feel that?

You are immersed in Sun.              
Sand, sand, sand
all around.                                                                                     
On your body,
on your skin,                                                                                          
In your hands, on your foot.                                                                                     
It takes all different roads.                                                                                    
It paints.                       
It marks.                                                                                                              
It makes its secret dance.     

It makes you Holy.

You are lying there and I want to jump, jump out of me.

I want to break the shell.                                                        
I need to crawl from there
From this place. From me.                                                     
Into you, into sea.    
This want. This want.                                                               
It is like biggest thirst.                        
My lips are so dry.     
I spend all my life,                                                                 
all my life on the desert.                                                     
Living without you,                                                           
without the touch of water.
My lips are so dry.
I am no longer me,                                                              
since you crossed my space.                                                    
Your face. Your face.                                               
Your aura.                                                     
Your glaze.                                                                                 
I am no longer me.  
I am spasm of the past,                                                       
which wants to be free.                                                                                                   
I dreamt about it.                                                                       
I imagined it.                                                                                                          
I made love to you.
My lips are so dry.                                                          
Cracked and disfigured in sorrow.  
Only you. Only you. Only you can do.                             
Only you can make it.                                                             
Can make me alive. 


You look so beautiful when placed free amidst the Nature. 
Woman! Woman! 
With all your shapes, 
hills, valleys, gates, 
softness, cloudiness, radiation with your femininity. 
It is like a treasure chest with no end.                             

                                                    *    *    *
You would be sunk into the pleasant dreams of Sun and sand, walking into the salty sea and back on the sand. You would get lost into the Sunshine, meditate and imagine making love with me. Loving me so much, so much like a girl who misses her first love. Loving me with everything what you see and feel through all of it. All incredible images of beauty and all what you would like to share with me. Transforming energy of the Sun, sea and earth into the flow of energy from the top of your head further down through all your channels towards your *****.


You would visualize energy of happiness and togetherness with one loved male. Energy which would be running from the top of your head through your neck, arms, hands, breasts and belly towards your secret garden. Into your hard and aroused nipples. So sweet. Burgundy gems. You would imagine all what you imagine when you ********** - all fantasies which would arouse you greatly and let travel your energy down and focus in your secret chakra.


Feeling strongly, the **** inside you - touching all your walls and spots. Filling you completely. You would just imagine that and gather all your energy around and inside your *****.

The Sun would be all over you. Wind would dance with you. Sounds would awaken you. All energy in the form of powerful ball would gather around your *****. You would have to see or imagine and feel energy flowing and pulsating inside your body. It would purify all the channels and untie all knots which were preventing your free flow of wisdom.

Now, you would control it and focus in your *****. Your ***** would become like a cave full of light, wetness and strength. She would cry for the **** inside. It would become a pleasurable pain. You would like to *** - madly, crazy, badly. It would be like inner itchiness inside your ***** and around your ***** lips and your ****. You would love to touch it, rub it, finger it. You would be on the verge of insanity. However, you would wait. Dying from cravings to *** and be released from tensions - wet, soaked, swollen, in gentle shakes. All energy would focus in and around your lovely ***** but your hands would be tied with love and would want to be with me.

                                                       *   *   *
It would be an early afternoon. You would hear the bell of local church. You would dress up.

White shirt that you would tie on your belly level with a knot and white long skirt, sort of, perfectly fitting your body and a white cotton sheet. You would tie it as well on your hips. You would walk bare foot over hot sand wearing big summer hat and bright blue glasses. Your skin would feel soft burns of the Sun, especially, on your arms and around your neck. Your hair would be tied up. You would walk to see me being like an atomic reactor full of extraordinary, everlasting energy. You would be hungry, very hungry. Nevertheless, you would go slowly. Enjoying every move. Confident. Happy. High. Aroused. Supported by energy of surroundings. Colours, stones, sounds, smells, thoughts full of love and compassion.

I would wait for you after taking a long, long hot shower. My body will steam out with energy. I would eat tons of chocolate and drink a sea of milk. I would cut fresh fruits. Mangoes, strawberries, avocados, cherries, blueberries, peaches, and cover them with light fresh sour cream and a bit of honey.

You would enter the room. Drop your things on the floor.  You would untie your shirt, take it away and drop on the floor. You would untie your skirt and drop on the floor too. Room would be filled with extra fields of energy when you would untie knots.

You would bring fresh flowers picked on the way. You would fill the dark blue vase standing on canter tap with water and place flowers in it. While doing that you would feel like you are guiding my **** inside you with strong deep, hard push into wetness and obedience. Next, vase would land on the table in the middle of the room. Your smell would dominate all now. You would walk naked and I would admire you. My hard **** would show all my desire of wanting you like an 18 years old. Hard, totally open, strong and dripping wet with pre ***. I would enjoy seeing you pouring water into the vase and stepping from feet to feet as if You would like to pee. The sound of the running water would overflow your *****. You would wish to *** like manic. However you would control it and stay just on the edge. You would be in love with me like with nobody before and wait with the gift of you for me.

You would come to me.  You would stand in front of me, look at me and my ****. I would be dying to touch you but you would protect yourself. You wouldn’t want to *** yet. You would start squirting. Juices would run slowly over your upper legs. You would gather them with your left hand starting from your thighs and go towards your *****. You would make your hand extremely wet. Next you would open your ***** with two fingers and show me how she is throbbing and pulsating. After that you would touch my face and spread your pre *** all over it. You would enter my mouth with your fingers letting me taste you. Finally, you would kiss me passionately and dive your tongue into my mouth, meeting my tongue and exploring me inside.

Now you would be in control and would put your wet hand over my hard **** and mix with my nectar. You would strike me a few times - up and down, very softly. First with two fingers shaped into ring, very delicately over my **** head - up and down and next with full grab down to the bottom and up.  You would stop just before I would *** squeezing my **** hardly in your hand. In the end, holding my **** in your hand you would pull me up saying:

 “Come to the bed. Now is the time."

You would walk with me there pulling me behind you and keeping my **** inside your hand.

You would sit on your knee first in front of me. You would show me your hard nipples and expose them to me totally. You would push them into my mouth, and let me suck them and kiss and bite gently. You would moan quietly and hide your fingers in my hair and direct my touches to the places where you would like the most. After that you would spread your legs over me and catch my hard **** with your ***** opening. You would slide me just a bit inside, just my head and go back and forward just ******* my head. You would place my hand on your swollen **** and say:

“**** me, **** me hard.”

Next, gently you would play with my head inside your ***** squeezing and tightening her around him. I would go crazy, grab your *** and push my **** deep inside you.

God!!! Ahhh. So good, deep. You are so soft, so wet, so kind, so loving.

You would say, “Right. That is how it should be done.”

With no movement of your body, you would squeeze me inside and let it go and suck and tighten inside. You would **** me with no movement. Your ***** would do it all over my ****. Milking me all the time.

We would synchronize our breaths and bring energy of every pleasure up into our minds and achieve deep space of love and peace
You would look all the time in my eyes and at some point you would ask,

“Do you like that? “

I would join my energy chalets with yours in constant flow and exchange of ecstasy and say,

“Yes I love it.”

I would reach for fruits standing by our bed and start feeding you. I would say,

“You can *** whenever you wish and I will *** with  you or you can stay up on this highest level.”

I would touch your **** with strawberry.

The choice is yours, you are in charge now.



Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 39 Responses Jan 13, 2013

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Wow WONDERFUL!!! I don't have the words to say except for breath taking

The Value of Love
Posted: 29 Mar 2013 05:53 PM PDT

No one offered Love any place on their boats, except one. Who? Read the story.
What is more important? To value what you have or to value what you do not have? Think about it for a moment. Gratitude is valuing what you have and ambition is valuing what you may or may not have in the future. If you drown the voice of gratitude in the roars of your ambitions, all you will be left with is a great deal of noise and no music. Why? Because often ambitions are endless, they are in multiple, they are not cohesive whereas gratitude is the collective response to everything life has given you, everything you already have.

Long, long ago on an island lived a group of emotions, both positive and negative. Their names were Pleasure, Sorrow, Grief, Insecurity, Anger, Fear, Compassion, Humility and Gratitude. That was not all though. The island was inhabited by other entities that governed a higher place in the society. They were Ego, Wealth and Time. Love was a resident too but it mostly lived with others, it never held onto anything, it owned nothing, it was mellow, kind and soft. All of the above were tenants at the houses of humans on that island.

With glaciers melting and the sea level rising, the island was gradually sinking. It was clear it would disappear before long. The residents called an urgent meeting and concluded it was time to leave the island. They decided everyone was responsible for making their own arrangements. They got to the task. Love thought differently though. It did not want to abandon an island that sheltered it for so long. It wanted to wait till the last moment, it was hopeful some might stay back. For love, it was not a matter of trade or give-and-take, it was more a question of integrity and promise. The island was fast losing its dry ground to the obdurate ocean.

The humans were the first to leave the island. Some of the negative emotions like Sorrow, Grief and Insecurity left with them. Love had no boat of its own. It pleaded, "Please, can I board your ship?" Love looked expectantly at the other emotions on the ship. Humans did not even respond. They were too busy fighting among themselves.
"We've latched onto the humans ourselves," the emotions spoke in unison, "we've no place for you here."

Just then, Love saw Ego sailing his boat made of steel. It looked rather strong, heavy but sturdy.
"Can I join you?" Love said, "I take very little space."
"No!" Ego yelled, "Anger and Fear have taken the other two places I've on my boat. Besides, I have only met you occasionally whereas they are my bosom friends. I can't let them go."
Water was rising fast and at a short distance Love saw a magnificent yacht. It was owned by Wealth.
"Can you please let me on board?" said Love.
"I'm sorry but I already have Pleasure," Wealth responded, "I can't part company with him."
Love looked at the dismal state around. Just then a voice called out, "Come, Love, come. Hop in."

As soon as Love got on the boat, it saw Compassion, Humility and Gratitude exuding brilliant radiance. They were on board already. Love thanked them.
"Oh, it's not our boat," Gratitude said, "you need not thank us."
"Whose boat is it then?" Love was surprised. "Who has saved me?"
"It belongs to Time," Compassion answered.
"But, I was worthless in everyone else's eyes. Why has Time saved my life?"
"You see, Love," spoke Humility, "Time alone knows your real value."

If you reread and reflect on it, this anecdote has the wisdom of life. In our fast-paced world, you can be so focused on getting to the destination, in crossing the finish line, that priceless things appear worthless. The worth of anything is not determined from its price but value.

Imagine you sacrificed your health and your family to make ten million dollars faster than anybody you know. The price of that sacrifice maybe ten million but what about the value of that ten million? Is it worth the price, the sacrifice? when gratitude fuels your ambition, it becomes an effortless journey but when ambition drives gratitude, a sense of lacking never really leaves you. When you have compassion, gratitude, humility, what you have is love indeed. These three are the primary constituents of love. Every other variation may just be an attachment or an obsession.

It is when we lose what we have, when Time separates us from what we take for granted, do we really understand the value of what we had. You can hear a short discourse on gratitude, here.

Be grateful.
(Image credit: Samuel Walters)
Download free e-books by Om Swami.

So tasteful and well written. Very passionate! Thank you for sharing :)

Yes I am. I honestly did not have a chance to show it yet.
But I will.

So very almost took my breath away.
This write-up is truly a piece of gem.

I am honored.
Thank you.

Very passionate. I could almost feel the words. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much.
It is wonderful comment.

O my God,,,there are no words for this,,,just beautiful, don't ever stop to wright.

Thank you.
I will write for sure more in this climate.
I am glad that you like it so much.

My dear friend Peter - you are awesome! You captured some of my memories of my late husband and put them in my mind again. Thanks so much for sharing the sensuality and passion you have here and thanks for the smiles and happy tears. Hugs to you my friend. :)

My pleasure.
I am glad that I could bring the best back.

Very inspiring! Thank you for posting such a wonderful story!

You and your universe. Woman.
You are my constant inspiration.
I would be nothing if I would not have a chance to admire you.
Thank you.

Wow! You never cease to amaze me my friend. I love the passion in your writing, and the way you describe everything brings it to life. Feels like I'm actually there. I get lost in your stories....Thanks again Peter for another great story.

Thank you for your kindness and constant support and being with me in spite of my radical behavior sometimes. All what you do for me makes you my real friend. Selfless and caring. I have to apologize for my absence. I am so sorry.
Thank you.

That my friend is what i am talking about..... Shhhhhh !can you feel that. you can feel the words... well done fully enjoyed this it was like i was in that room wow. i feel so energized after reading this, it touched me in so many ways the warmth i felt in the was more than sexual it was divine emotion.

Enjoy - and I will enjoy blessing which comes back from the fact that I could share this with you.



Short but sweet.
Thank you.

LOVE it even without the pictures I can imagine every min of this, very arousing

Enjoy amazing energy of love as long as possible.

Amazing my friend, it aroused all my. senses fantastic visual imagery greatly written ;-)

Thank you.
I like heart of your wisdom a lot.

so powerful and passionate...very inspiring.

Thank you so much.
It is pleasure to meet you.

This made wonderful reading,Mr.Bolek. I will read more of your stories.

So nice.
Thank you so much for your comment.
I am sure we will be great friends.
Thank you for all.

This is the first poem/story of yours I have read, but I will definitely be back to read more of your work. From what I have seen here, this is not just a poem or story, it is true artwork. Thank you for sharing here.

Thank you.
I am afraid to add anything it sounds so good.
Thank you

You're very welcome. Just being honest in how I feel about what I have read. :)

I love that kind of honesty.
No doubts.

Wow great work I can tell it wasn't just coming from a poet but a person with amazing passion that not very many men have or show now days and its one thing for a writer to tell you but when you show a reader what you mean that is pure gifted power. Truly a work of art in the making.

I was working on this style for some time.
I am still learning and I have much more, much more, much more to share.
I receive transmission of it during my dream stage. I was explained how to transform vision into words and make it alive. I was told that one day I will write a book which anybody who will read will achieve enlightenment. Still not sure about it but I am trying to be confident as much as I can. I think it is totally new and fresh and I call this - Active Writing. My goal is to allow readers open the vision and live thorough it. It is like writing which suppose to turn into movie in your head when you read it. I hope in some little degree is working so far.
Thank you for your comment and inspiration and giving me opportunity to say what I just did. It is first time when I am saying this publicly.

I know what you mean, when I was in high school we had to take many of are visions and try to bring them to life in writing and even some of my very best vivid dreams came when I could see, taste, touch, smell and even feel and put it into words so strong enough to have others experience it with me. I was part of a writers club and not many are gifted enough with your talent even if you are still building upon it, keep at it and don't lose faith in what you do cause I believe you will achieve this goal you have for readers. Word of mouth always gets around fast just needs time.

it is very inspiring reading your work writing poems too and it makes me think of doing more like you encourage us to show nice talents here on EP.

Please keep writing.
It is amazing experience when you can share yourself with others that way.
Everybody wants to see your beauty and your best.
Thank you.

This is some great writing dude. Amazing. I really felt it.

Thank you.

Wibble! My brain's turned to jelly! You got talent. You got emotion.

Thanks Man.
I am glad that it works for every part of human psyche.
You are great as always plus Brit which is uniquely precious.

Wow upon another story. Very well written. The poetry was amazing as well. Absoultly amazing!

Fire Ferocious

Fire! Fire! Ferocious fire!
You restless wall of flame.
Fire! Fire! Roaring higher!
Your fury to never tame.

Mark R Slaughter

OMG this is one of youre best work todate. Freaken awesome awesome wow

OMG Thank you.

I loved the poetry you put in at the beginning. I felt it. Thank you for the beautiful words..

Thank you so much.
I hope you are doing well.

Sensitve in every word....

I am trying my best as always.


My pleasure.

WOW!!..*Speechless*....;) very well written....

Thank you very much.

Wow! I cannot adequately describe the exquisite beauty in your story, images, and in your words. Beauty beyond any words...

You write with lovely passion, a truly breathtaking and absolutely amazing story.

Thank you so very much for sharing this
: )

Good Morning Sun Shine.

All I can add is WOW ! I am a beach loving, sun worshipper.....But to experience that would have been the ultimate.
Your story took my breath away; and made me wish I could trade places with your female character....
Wonderful story, Bolek ! xx

Beautifully said.
As a writer I can only say that would be any problem with trade.
Thank you.

thank you......seriously

I have no doubt.

nice :)

Thank you.
You are very kind as always.
Thank you for sticking with me for so long.

Hundreds come and million pass, they look, at the stars, far from earth but not far from a twinkle that smiles a moment at night and you are that shining towering star..I admire and respect..which is always true :)) I stick up because of a secret glue ;)

Make sense.
I know even how to produce it.

locally :)

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beautifully written!

Beautiful like Australia is.

This was simply beautiful! Amazing

And thank you for that.
Happy, happy, happy.

That was one of the most moving stories have read.. I have always wanted someone to understand my desire to make the moment last and enjoy every aspect of love..Some things are worth waiting for because the ending is so much better.
I loved the part about women of all shapes and sizes and the beauty of their curves all to be explored. That is the true meaning of holding the female form as a goddess she is

What can I say after comment like that?
I love it.
Thank you.

Exquisite, Bolek! I applaud you. The best creation I have read here in quite awhile in regards to intimacy. And the photos added an elegance. Do keep on with your creations. You are quite talented. Thank you for this.

Thank you - especially that it comes form you.
I very much so appreciate your comment.

I am most curious. From where do you achieve your inspiration? Do you have a lover or lovers? Thank you for your words.

Honestly - last time I had regular love life it was before 2005. Next I was studying deeply Buddhist teachings and led total ascetic life. In 2009 I join Buddhist monastery in Toronto on corner of Bathurst and St Clear. I spend there 2 years. Monastery was sold and I end up with my family here. Next I met somebody on EP from my area in July 2012. She was 26. We spend 2 wonderful mounts. However when I would be 70 my kids with her would be 20. Than it did not work it out. I am single other than that all the time. However I had 3 big and major relationships with 3 extraordinary women on the planet. From 21 till 32 I was learning and studying all about women non stop - day and night. I had great teachers. My Goddess taught me all what I know by now. However I am still learning. Just a beginner but very confident about what I know. Past is my inspiration plus I have amazing friends here who talk to me about their life's and their relationships very openly. Than I am up to date.

Thank you, Bolek. For your beauty. kissesssssssssssssssssssss xox

My pleasure. Kisses are always welcome and I would say need it.
Thank you for that.

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now aren't you something! This story was without a doubt.... had everything! ;)

I am glad that I can make you feel complete.
I am studying magic of female energy all my life.
Now after almost 50 years I think I understand something.
However as I said it is chest of treasure with no bottom.
Thank you.

Bolek, you never cease to amaze me. That was the most fascinating, sexy, hot, and deep story. Absolutely beautiful on such a high level. Thank you sweetheart!

I am siting here in flames of pleasure.
Thank you for giving me all energy of your mind beauty back.
It feels wonderful.

Bolek, you are a gift, a gem for a treasure box

Feel very good being in such a surrounding.

Yes, at the highest levels of the universe...:)

Wow. Lets stay there or here forever.

I love seeing the way of things through your spirit

Always welcome. Always open. Always ready to share.
Shine on me and I will reflect on you with touch of my universe.

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Beautiful story, honey. Again, you grasp the attentions and desires of your audience. Well done.

Thank you for loving me.

Wow this is some hot stuff. ^^

I am very happy that you see it that way.
I enjoyed you comment very much.

Ah... you have left me breathless once again...

Do you need help?
I can give you a hand.

I always need the support of my friends...

In this case I am all yours.

Very Creative..Nice..Thanks for sharing..:)

My pleasure.
Thank you.