~ Only If I Could ~

I want to hold you so tight and have your body pressed up against mine.
Feel the warmth flows through my body till it controls my mind.

I want to kiss you ever so gently on your passionate wet lips.
That leaves a tinge of bitter sweetness from the chocolate you've liked from my finger tips.

Your eyes blazing with fire yet it sparkles in the candle lit room.
Your look so enchanting and captivating that I could hardly move.

Your fingers trace across my lips, my cheeks, along my neck and down my shoulders.
It sends a tingling sensation all over my body till I shiver.

I could jump for joy as I imagine how you'd smile.
I wondered how it'll feel when I hear your voice saying 'your're mine'.

A perfect image I would say printed in my mind.
All I ever wanted was to be loved, happiness, appreciated, a good partner and someone kind.

Reality maybe cruel as I may never see you.
But dreams, music and dance keeps me alive for maybe...just maybe we might meet and I finally get to say "you're mine" to you.

written by Lexuslourve..:)
wow I haven't written for some time now...hope this is ok just a what I feel...
enjoy reading  xoxoxo ;)


lexuslourve lexuslourve
41-45, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Very Nice :)

Glad you liked it...:) Thank you

So very sweet

Thank you for reading...glad you like it..:)