How It All Began

I met him the night of my 18 birthday when I snuck out to a college party down the street (read "I'm Glad I Came") because my "friends" had ditched me. It was about 2am that night-or morning actually- when I arrived at the party after a night of hectic driving around town with a bunch of theives and wanted criminals on a mission to avoid the cops. It was quite a crazy night so I was so grateful that I was finally somwhere where I could sit down and just relax for a bit.
The house was loaded with about 30 people, all running around high and drunk acting like animals who just escaped the zoo or something. So there I was in the corner of the room watching my friend Sky whip some poor kids *** at beer pong, when he approached me. He was sooo high... My first impression of him was that he was just another loser pot head looking for some action. His eyes were so red I couldn't believe he was still functioning! He was about an inch shorter than me with dark skin, and he was hapa looking with a thin, but masculine build. He introduced himself and we talked about mundane things until he had to leave because his friend was feeling sick. Before me left he asked for my number, but then realized he left his phone in his car, haha he was so cross-faded. So he gave me his number instead. I txted him around 3am that morning and honestly didnt expect to hear anything back from him.
But later on that day I recieved a text from him. I couldnt remember his name though. Teehee i guess I was pretty out of it too. So i asked my friend Kika to introduce herself as my friend and tell him I was busy and ask for his name. So she did and he replied saying that his name was Kai. He wanted to hang out that day but I told him that I just wasnt feeling up to it. The truth was that I honestly didnt think he was my type. I liked good guys,who were smart and funny, and Kai seemed to be just another scrag, who gets stoned everyday or so, and I really wasnt into that sort of thing. But I guess you never find the person that completes you the way you think you will.
hokulani22 hokulani22
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013