My Philosophy…

My philosophy…

So, if you’ll forgive a generalization, I think we all have something we’re either healing or have healed. Something that cut so deep, we thought we’d never get over it. Something that left us so empty, we looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize ourselves.

Sometimes these experiences leave us a little less ‘shiny’. But if we’re lucky, a soft rag, a little polish, and time brings back all the shine. If we’re really lucky, we walk away with enhanced levels of empathy.

And, if we’re among the absolute most fortunate, (after some initial recovery time) we discover an even greater appreciation for the innate love we have to give others, and our immense need to give it.

If you'll forgive the above as an over-simplification, it's what I think of as the cycle of life. When we least expect it, we stumble, we fall, we get hurt, and sometimes we hurt others.

But the truly beautiful thing is that despite our humanness, we manage to be light for each other—even when we’re not being our best selves (because really, who is their best self all the time???).

And every time we take a risk for love… every time we pick ourselves back up and allow ourselves to connect with others, we send out a loving, light-filled vibration that helps someone else do the same.

How cool is that???

Just sayin’ :)))))

XOXO Windsylph

WindSylph WindSylph
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Thanks for sharing, I am trying to figure out what love is, but I sure know what it is not.

Dear loopnscc... I'm so sorry that I didn't see this (almost 2 years ago)... thank you for dropping by and commenting. I hope by now you've found love. Soft breezes to you!

I found happiness with someone. Still not sure what love is, but I will take happiness until I figure it out.

Perhaps love lies in happiness? Who knows? How lovely that you've found happiness!!

Bravo!!! I stand cheer this while shedding a tear of agreement. Thank you!!

You, a rescuer of those who need rescue... I stand and cheer for you!

It's almost like... you are reading my mind (Or spirit if you can travel that far) today.

You... you are good you. :)

Blessings to you my dear friend! :)))