Love Is A Rare Void In My Gentle Heart

I really am starting to believe love almost does not exist. I am searching for that one person who is true love itself. Patient,humble,selfless,kind, everlasting. Just describes some of love's greatest powers. Love is pure and sacred, without any kind of rudeness, immorality and betrayal. I am the kind of person who would be a man's true love. I'm watching so many people get their hearts broken by the one's who claim they loved them. When you tell a person the extremely powerful statement "I love you" You are letting yourself go to them. You are supposed to mean it when you say those words. When you tell a person "I love you" You are supposed to know exactly what love is. Well, the truth is lust and infatuation have drive way to many people to use that serious and powerful statement. Love is quite rare in our world. It is sacrifice and commitment. Love is like an unbreakable chain that holds you and your lover together forever til death do you part. Love is without wounds and is so powerful, that you don't even care about the flaws of another who you love. I said " Sure he may act like a drunken slob, but he's my drunken slob, and if I have to, i'll be a stupid drunken slob with him. Love is like a basket of the reddest roses of the strongest pleasant smell. I would love to look at my love every single day and smile, knowing that I would rather die than cause him pain. He is my one and only, and no one will take his place. I want to hug him or kiss him while saying a thousand words that fell from heaven. I want to wipe his tears and let him know I'm always there even when I'm not with him. Love is a very rare ability, not just a feeling. Where can I find the person that I would be an angel towards?
Cianna300 Cianna300
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Awesome, Cianna 300, bravo, cheers baby! How old are 16-17, so young and look how beautiful you are already. Baby you hold on to that love and I promise you young lady your man is out there waiting. Please take your time and get yourself in a position where you don't need a man to take care of you. Only then you will find your match. Good luck to you!

Thank you so much, I will, kind people like you are awesome!