let go, let flow.

The day your life changed was the day you accidentally did a peculiar thing.

Perhaps you smiled at a stranger, or you asked how their day was?

Yet in spite of the good feelings you felt, you think,
"Why did I do that for no reason?"
"It must have been an accident."
"I'm not going to do that again, that's for sure..."

It may be a day, a week, a month, or years even..

But no matter how much you fight it, this idea (that this accident was no mere accident) has attached itself to your mind.

The idea may startle you at first, and indeed you may find yourself retreating back into your warm fuzzy cave of comfort, and reason.

But what has been seen, cannot be unseen.
What has been tasted, cannot be understood.

You find yourself undoubtedly attracted to this one very simple notion, this one crazy concept.

You attempt to catch it, squeeze it, hold it, and impose yourself on it.
But it eludes you.
Fleeting, darting, transient.
A mere whisper and it vanishes..

Then you realize that you must simply let it be,
and the moment you let go, it grabs a hold of you,
and grows immeasurably until it envelops your entire being;

Soon you find your stream of life moving effortlessly past the blockages that previously erred your conscience,

You feel the energy of the universe in your fingers and toes, rising past your thighs and arms, through your core, up into your mind,

and you take a deep, deep breath.
The flow of life vibrates with uncanny resonance.

When you let go, and let flow, you will have everything your heart desires.
You will meet kindred souls, and you will witness ephemeral moments so beautiful that your heart will stop.

And when your heart stops, and your mind stills, you will be free.
angeljoon angeljoon
Jan 22, 2013