I Still Believe

I was sitting alone listening to music when an older couple walked past me. They looked to be in their 70's. He held her hand as they walked slowly by me. They were talking about something and she laughed and looked up at him. He looked down into her eyes and smiled so big. She turned her head to look at some flowers or something but he kept watching her. You could see how much he loved her by the way he looked at her. I felt a little guilty for watching this intimate moment. But I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away. I watched him as he continued to watch her. She giggled a bit over something she was saying...and then quickly glanced up at him and noticed that he was staring at her. She reached up and touched his cheek and he leaned down and gave her a sweet kiss on her lips.
Despite everything in my life...I still believe in love. There are still men who love one woman forever and women who are happy to go to bed with their husband every night.The gentle touches, soft caresses, loving kisses, glances from across a room. I believe it's still out there. Call me a hopeless romantic...but someone is getting loved like that. It may not be me...but somewhere...someone is feeling that true love.
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Awwww. ^^


Thanks :)

Aww this is a sweet story :)

thanks.. =)

Wonderful story. Everyone should have that kind of love in their lives!

I agree...

I hope that you find this type of love soon.....Oh ya...And I hope that I do as well.

All the best to you, Ms. Wurkoutgurl!

Thank you NorthernMan, that is much appreciated. =)

awww, what a great story.

Thanks =)

Very nice story. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for reading it =)

My pleasure.

wooow...i like the way u think coz i think the same way,,no matter how long it takes true luv is worth the wait <3

Very much so =)


I love seeing that stuff too

Yeah, me too. Gives me hope. =)

Ahhh I would be jumping for joy like a crazy man if you found it babe!!!!. I sometimes think it starts from a beautiful friendship. Hopefully there are some alive and awake friends of yours down south =) they need to see it =]

and sadly some ppl leave a person who holds that kinda love for them....:"(

Or that is just because there is someone out there where the love will be even better!

yeah i hope so...:))
i believe in what you say...

You should...I know everything! lol ;-)

love everywhere,,but we lose it sometimes.

Yes, we do. But, it's so nice to see those that haven't. =)