Love After All

I will start out by saying after being engaged, then getting cheated on and suffering a (thankfully) curable illness from the man I thought I was destined to be with I left. I had had enough. I then decided love wasnt in my cards. So I did my own thing for a while. thankful I met the love of my life before I did anymore real damage. He knows all my secrets, hurts and stories. And vice versa. He wasnt perfect or even my so called type. But he held me showed me how a man should treat and protect a woman. I am thankful I was able to open my heart again to someone who truly deserved it. I couldn't be happier. Ladies if the guy you are with verbally abuses you, hits you, or cheats on you time and time again thats not Prince Charming and you should leave like I did before he kills you or gives you something you can't get rid of. I thank God everyday I left before the ******* could really ruin my life. I am healthy, clean, happy and whole no thanks to the first *******!
Peach2010 Peach2010
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013