Truths About Love

Love means that there may be times where actions do speak louder than words.

It means that you are so in tune with each other that a simple look or glance will convey what a few sentences would.

It means that the simplest of acts will be recognized for what they truly mean and aren't just for show.

It means that you don't have to say 'I love you." every fifteen minutes. They love you and you love them. It's understood. It's forever and it's meant to me.

Others don't seem to understand that concept. They think that you have to give flowers, or stuffed animals to make the other person understand how much you value their company.

A relationship built on trust, caring and love can survive with the simplest of glances, the slightest of touching and the knowing that your hearts are forever together.
13 Responses Feb 12, 2006

We have been married for over 50 years and my husband never misses a day without many "I love you" or " I am so lucky" and he still brings me gifts, they may be some thing he found on the road, a flower from a tree, or a rock that he liked, and brought to me, yes, there are still gifts but the small ones that he brings me are more loving,

The sense of a loving team. An identity for two. I know.
Thanks for saying this at loud.

I like this.

I love your story. It is so true. I once had to leave a person out of love so as not to hurt him. Many would not see that as love but for me it was.

oh i know how you feel. sometimes you don't even know if you're doing the right thing until after you leave

*thumbs up* i so agree...

Unfortunately,I don't believe any more in love especially between man and woman. I looked for it for many years. Once I found it, gaves me a painful delusion. I just gained a severe health problem.Love is all a fantasy. The only pure love is GOD.

Sometimes I think the beauty of love is in the "being there" the day to day working things out! Without a word or even without a touch there is power in the one who is consistently there!!

This is so true. In the past, when I've been in love, unless it was a special occasion, I've always kind of nursed a fear when gifts came for no apparent reason. When you believe someone loves you the way you love them, you really don't need constant gift giving. A look, a touch, the sparkle in the eye or the knowing shared smile in a crowded room, that's the kind of stuff you need. The real, true gifts that come from the heart.

DS - You hit the nail on the head. This is how it was with my husband and I. Volumes could be conveyed without either one of us speaking a word. Yes, there was gifts but it was never to "prove his love", but "to show his love". Reading your story brought back many great memories. <br />
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Maybe I see it from the standpoint of someone who was married to the love of her life for 30 years.<br />
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Thank you for writing this.<br />
You are speaking complete truth. You don't see a couple who exchange gifts frequently and think "Wow, they're really in love". You see the way they look at eachother and you know.

what i learned about love is this simple truth: that we can never compare any relationship with another. we should never measure `love` based on a certain standard. it will only ruin everything. every relationship is different.

But also on the same token, though you don't need to say I love you every fifteen minutes, I find myself doing anyway just because even though you know you love them, they know you love them, it still is so wonderful telling them and hearing them say it back.<br />
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I could hear the words 'I love you' from the one I love a hundred times in one day and never get sick of hearing it.

:D ur ryt, its as if u jz can't stop saying those three words over n over again !! i really miss tht feelin though....

Unfortunately, sometimes people confuse both the kinds of actions and words that you write about with huge gestures or demonstrations of love such as gift-giving. People will question a failed relationship with "he never did as much for you as you did for him," or "she never showed as much love or affection for you as you did to her." But, it's only the people in the relationship who know, who can put some sort of measure on their feelings based on what it is that they felt, what they gave, and what they received in kind.