Unleashing The Hugging Monster

Years ago, I learned a very important lesson - when I visualise giving people hugs and kisses, I end up receiving hugs and kisses for real.

One day, after visualising hugging and kissing passengers on the bus, the rest of the day I was besieged by guys wanting to give me hugs. It was like I'd unleashed the Hugging Monster.  One random, Italian, guy I met on the bus was so affectionate, he wanted to come home with me. I had to decline his offer. :-)

It is fun to give and receive hugs and hugs feel good. I do receive lots of hugs from "strangers" I meet.  As I see it, strangers are my long lost pals in disguise. 

A while back, I met the Hugging Master, Mother Amma (see link below), when she was in London. She gives thousands of hugs a day. Her hug felt really warm and nice like receiving a hug from my mother.

Here's a video (link and video below) that was brought to my attention about free hugs.  It might very well unleash the Hugging Monster within so watch at your peril. :-)

(c) E Joseph

Source: http://cosmicluciddreamer2.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/unleashing-hugging-monster.html

Free Hugs video link:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN8CKwdosjE

Information for Mother Amma: http://www.amma.org/

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Jan 24, 2013