Love Conquers All

You know sometimes it will come to your life those unexpected reality and maybe affect your life ,family,and all around you because of LOVE!!! yes it would affect you specially if you are in relationship,married,single,divorcee,widow.Why because you cannot stop your HEART falling inlove in the wrong place,wrong time,and why you do?because its nature and when your heart feel the same way nothing can stop it and will grow till you have the guts to accept it and awakes knowing you feel in love.
Sometimes i wonder why i do feel this way?is it because im a bad person and never stay put and dont stop it?I ask this to myself why i cannot stop my HEART falling in LOVE to women across the WORLD and not even seeing them or her i did feel something that i know its there,love,physical attraction,feeling the same way and maybe when you also have sex then more it would be and what about if she will get pregnant then more involvement i guess and it means deepest relationship no matter it contradict the society we live in.
I dont know but i dont ask other to do the same what i just wanted to share is that we are all HUMANS and we feel in LOVE no matter what your life is all about and what is your background still it does not matters what really matters is how you both feel the same way and how will you face those issues that will come along the way.CHEERS...
tawam tawam
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 28, 2013

i never admit to being in love. The guy would have to be f*cking amazing

im sure right away you will never admit but slowly it will come to your senses and you know its true...