I Believe That One Day I Will Find Love

I don't expect to find love any time soon since I am only 13. I don't "date" because most people my age that "date" do it just to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they might feel something but its not love because they would break up with them just to have someone cooler. I have had very few crushes. When I have a crush I am crazy about them for months and months sometimes they fade away but thats why they are crushes. There is however one person I have a had a crush on for a long time and thoose feelings wont go away but the thing is that person is 6 years older than me and a celebrity. I dont think there is an age difference when it comes to love. When I do have crush on someone I usually first like their looks and they usually seem very nice and a nice personality really makes me fall harder. If their looks attract me but they are mean their loos disappear and I dont like them anymore. I am also horrified at the 13,14 year olds having sex, I mean really 14? Im not trying to judge anyone but that seems really young. I dont want to have sex until I find love and there is a commitment.
Lovaticlove32 Lovaticlove32
13-15, F
Feb 1, 2013