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Simple Words

Simple words? You already know. No need for me confess. It is written all over my face. These feelings I have for you. My heart speak the truth. To say it out loud, I am so afraid. I hold back so much. When all I want to do is love you. My heart has been broken, over and over again. I feel I must protect it. Even from someone like you. The perfect man for me. I have fallen in love for the first time, because of you. Now what must I do? How do I let these strong feelings flow? I want to make you mine. We belong together. We can make it last forever. But these simple words. I am so hesitant to say what I am feeling. I think you already know that I love you. I am scared my heart will break again, if I open my heart up to you. I believe you are the one for me. My dearest love, my perfect man. Again, I have to be careful. My fragile heart, please handle with care. I still have open wounds. Painful scars from those who have hurt me before. I try to stay strong. I believe in love. My one, true love. I know it is you. I can feel it in my heart. Please try to understand, I am sensitive. Be patient with me. I have a lot to learn about love. Do not go away. Please don't leave me alone. I need you here with me. Hold me close to your heart. Make me your lady. Do not give up on me. I will soon find the courage, to say those simple words to you, somehow. And soon you will see, just how much I love you.
CreoleItalianwoman CreoleItalianwoman 31-35, F Feb 2, 2013

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