But Not Necessarily Having To Define It With Marriage And Kids

I am torn between a romantic view of a happy married life with children and the reality of what the world looks like.

Do I know anyone with this romantic story? No. Do you?

Marriage is a promise that you can never know whether you will keep so what's the point? Surely it's enough to just love someone the best you can. If it lasts forever great - but if not why isn't that fine too? and you know your own rules about what you expect from each other. Why choose to go by someone else's ides?

And Children, that is such a huge commitment. The way I see it you have to be 100% when you choose to have children and ready to give up any selfishness because at the end of the day they have to come first, you have to be able to drop everything for them. Their whole well being is dependant on you. Everything they see, hear, do , eat is your responsibility all their choices are in your hands. I feel like some people don't think about this before having children. And don't see the things they do to damage them. I can't imagine being 'ready' (if that's even a thing) financially or emotionally to be that selfless.

And then there's the being pregnant part - don't get me started! I don't understand how people do it knowing that your body is going to be used and then wrecked forever more.

Does anyone else feel like this? Is there any women out there who never had children and never wanted to? And how do you make someone believe that this is how you really feel and it might never change?

CuriousKaty CuriousKaty
22-25, F
Feb 4, 2013