Learning To Receive Love

Fourteen years ago, I put out an intention that I wanted to experience what it's like to trust in Love. The first thing I was inspired to do was to stop taking all forms of medication and vitamin supplements.  That was quite a challenge as I was addicted to vitamins and mineral supplements and I had to take prescription tablets for frequent migraines.  All the same, I decided to trust in Love and see where it took me. 

I have found trusting in Love is like going to school again but with a different kind of education.   I've had to unlearn a lot of what I'd learned.   I've also had to learn how to receive Love instead of earning Love.   Learning to receive is still a work in progress. :-)

Here's one example of receiving love. It happened a few months back, but I still use the experience as a reminder to myself.


Receive Love Now!

I believe my Infinite Self has stored love for me in all time, all space, all realities and in all creations.  My task is to simply receive in the present moment.

When I woke up this morning I wasn't feeling well and I even had a blocked nose. I was tempted to stay in bed.  I reminded myself that all the love I need is available here and now. All I need to do is receive that love now. I instantly felt better and my nose magically cleared up.  I got up and got dressed.

I am receiving all the love I have for myself here and now!

(c) E Joseph

Source: http://cosmicluciddreamer2.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/receive-love-now.html
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Feb 4, 2013