My Present And My Future

as u all know about my past if u dont know so read my other stories and confessions ... i was in love with a girl she was from differnt group and i was from differnt group .. we got engaged our perants were not happy with it but we got engaged..but she left me on nov 2012 ... she married another guy from her group(firka/tribe) she was not for me i get it and god save me because she was not a good person she was using me and i know she would have left me in future maybe she would have ask for me for divoce any how here were problems between us but i still love her ... i was all broke apart when left me i attemted suicide and was really far away from life but my perants bring me back to life i get a job completing my double mba now and today my perants find a girl for me and my marriege would be arrange kind of marriege.....i am only 24 yrs i think less now going to get committed again with a girl i dont love her now but i will love her for her kindness and her companionship we both havnt talk to each other till now have seen each other but havnt talk..hoping we would talk soon i hope ..well i wan to thank my ep frnds they supported me alot ..but still thre is emptiness my past huant me ... and my future is standing and welcoming me to give a hug... i am in middle in pesent and confused would should i do... my thinking is that now after all hard days and broke apart situation i dont ask for any thing from god i just thank him and wait what he will give me next according to my deeds i know god will give me the best because he cares about his human just walking on the path which god has created and my eyes are closed .................let see what happen in future. ....this was my story in short....i have taken the important part out about my ep frnds and my job lol.... maimoona love u and sundus baju wan give u a hug and do baly baly(dance) with u lol...:) :( ....:/ :) .i am happy also and sad too dont know why
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So..., you are going to be married soon?? ...:( ok

Its a old story things r nt same nw


You need to believe in yourself ^^, bad things happen in our lives and yes people can hurt us, but if you shut yourself away from others that's letting those sort of cruel people win. You have a future ahead of you and a chance to leave the past in the past. I understand it can be hard to forget the hurt. Still this might be the right one for you and your forever love, you never know but only by trying and continuing to live our lives can we move on and be content with ourselves. It doesn't happen overnight and yes getting over the past can be difficult, just take it one day at a time and you'll get there.

I believe you can do it and don't hurt yourself more by thinking about what you could have done differently, whats done is done and you just need to focus on being okay in yourself and thats all that matters. Sometimes we're both at fault and sometimes we're not. I don't know the reasons for why that girl did what she did to you. But I can tell you that you have nothing to feel ashamed.

thanks ... it make me better .well trying every day to live

ur so handsome hasank

ok ..thanks .. for concidering me handsome:)

That's what you need to do bro forget past and welcome you future. Dont worry INSHALLAH you will get the best.

hmmmmmmmmm..i dont know i dont expect any goo d now

? maimona