Too Young To Know Love?

When we say those three words, they say we're too young to understand. But how many people can actually define or describe it?
We grew up loving those around us for years, our family and closest friends, through childhood and adolescence. But we're adults now. So how can we not understand it?
Why is it acceptable for people toss the word around at even lifeless material possessions or famous strangers, but it sounds "stupid" for me to say it to the one who makes me happy?
I'm not blind. I know nobody is perfect. I don't believe in "ONE made for you." But I refuse to accept the term "infatuation" and I'm not going to miss the chance to express myself before it's too late. ♥
AvriTrevi AvriTrevi
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

One problem with understanding "love" is the word itself. In other languages and even some in English there are multiple words that when translated into English all end up as "love". Take Greek for example: the word Eros is the sexual love between a husband & wife, technically it translates into erotic - no bad or dirty in its proper context. Philo is a word for brotherly love. The city of Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. Then we have the word "agrape" which means an unconditional love that expects nothing in return. It is closer to the word charity, the love God gives to us. See 1 Corinthians 13 where the king James translators used charity instead of love like the more modern translations use. Each form of the word carries different meanings. We have to understand which word or meaning is intended before we can understand the context.

wow.go girl.... and there is no age for love...but beware mainly and in this era love hurts alot