Love Is Still The Savior

Without could,would this world go around!" To love and be loved,is to feel the sun from both sides."David Viscott"Isn't that one of the greatest things in the world! To know,you love someone,they love you....enough to matter to experience life,joy,pain,,,,,all in the name of love.There is love for your family,your spouse,boyfriend,girlfriend,friends,those in the world,you help,show alittle love and some kindnesses to,who need your help! Love is a choice sometimes,to do a higher good,to another! Love There are no perfect can work through us all.The old adage...."what the world needs is love,sweet love.....I think is still true! Ah....yes....there is that saving love of the man with nail scarred hands,many call the ~Savior~.He is still offering love that touches,heals,restores,and saves.Just knowing ,He is there,24/7....and I can go to God,anytime I like,cry,pour out my heart.......and allow his peace to penetrate my soul.....has. been a blessing to me! In the words of "Sandi Patti"....."Love in any language,straight from the heart,pulls us all together...never apart."
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41-45, F
Feb 11, 2013