WE Have ALL Been There.

We have all had our hearts damaged, scared or broken in someway. Its only natural. We all cry and ask why, and then slowly time passes and your raw wound slowly heals leaving an open scar cemented in your mind and heart.

But then a one day you start retrieving emotions again and that numb sensation that left you suppressed by all your fears slowly disappears. You start acknowledging people again, their smile, smell and even the way their clothes sit perfectly on their body.

And then one catches your eye, and it feels as if they have re-opened the box of fears that once demolished your happiness allowing all the fears to cloud your thoughts and question your hearts choice.

Last time i felt beyond repair, it took me years to regain my confidence and happiness. But i won't let my fears dictate my choices in life, i won't let them define me either. Yes love is complex and intense, bur living a life behind your fears is a lifetime of regret.

To all the people that have been hurt, DONT allow your fear of love and commitment ruin the opportunities that the universe throws your way, because ultimately thats the ONLY way to recovery.
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4 Responses Feb 13, 2013

I never feared love and commitment. My heart's choice gave me wings, which didn't spread out wide enough to soar. And now they lie still, enfolded in numbness.

That almost made me cry ;) so many memories


I am 100% with you.