Love Is. A Shadow

Love is shadow why because I never feel love only tricks like fake love I ever felt in my life shadow is finding the real true love someone feel as the same way as u about me I'm falling deeply in love I wish I could say to him but I think he knows I'm in love my family dose not know I'm in love with him because they never believe in me but I believe in him & it's hard to keep this love secret because I'm falling apart because sometime I cry inside because I'm in love with him all my heart I know he his the one for me because last here cry front of me at his work I was sad when I saw that he text me because he loves me very much that's why he cry front of me we both like sports even the Aztecs basketball game the only ways I could see him only. 4 th July with his job even Aztecs even his job or sometimes t he drive his green white dirt bike around my house because he miss me I always miss him as well the truth is I really don't hate him I always love Him because he was my 6 grade crush in high. School he his the only person that I really want spend time with because we never been kissed each other yet someday we will !
LoveIsShadow LoveIsShadow
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1 Response Feb 13, 2013

someday...? I wish today is the day for your first kiss... great day to remember... Happy V Day.