What Is Love? This Is My Answer (I Think)

What is Love? I don't know really. I don't understand it. I'm to young, to naive, to ignorant. Who is the "right person"? I don't know. I don't understand. I'm to young, too naive, to ignorant. But I do believe all that about the right person, marriage, and growing old together. I think it begins with the mysterious force of the heart,love. I have felt love as a powerful and passionate force which gives life meaning, purpose, and finally fulfillment. John Oxenham described love this way: Love ever gives, forgives, outlives. And ever stands with open hands. And while it lives, it gives. For these are loves prerogatives- to give, and give, and give." Love might just be the manifestation of the human spirit's ability to feel fear, vulnerability, and endurance of uncertainty with grace and peace.
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