Being Me Without Fear...

I've been truly in love twice before my current relationship. The relationship I'm in now is the best kind of love, I "get" him and he "gets" me. I feel completely free to show all the many facets of me, even the one's not so desirable.

He understands I'm not a phone person. I like to get to the point, say what I want to say and end the call. I often will ask something like, "Is there anything else going on? If not, I've got to go." I prefer to talk in person.

He's a morning person, I definately am not, but it's ok. The last person I lived with was 9 years ago, and I always felt so much tension in the air, so much disapproval.

My current boyfriend moved in about 8 months ago, and the first thing I noticed is that tension didn't move in with him.

We also make each other laugh all the time. He is very intelligent and he gets by dry, quick wit.

This relationship was not built on an immediate physical/sexual attraction or passion. It's strengths are humor, understanding & acceptance.

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3 Responses Jun 10, 2007

Wow, that is very rare!

Opposites can attract

'without fear' - that's the key.