He Told Me No.

My husband and I met a year ago June 28th at a bar in Jacksonville, NC where he was stationed. I lived about 20 min. away from there. I had just got out of a really bad relationship and swore off dating for a long time. Well, the first night I met him I didn't speak to him just noticed that he was there. The next time I seen him he was really drunk and hitting on some girl that didn't look like she wanted him there. Ha it was great until his best friend asked me to hit on him. I'm not one that does good with rejection because I've never had to deal with it. I never went after guys. If they want to talk to me they could that way I was never told no. Well, his best friend told me to go and talk to him and I asked him to dance with me, he told me no. I was just surprised big time so I looked at him and told him ok but you know what..... You'll be dancing with me before the night is over. Well, ten min later we were dancing and fighting over which is better Fords or Chevy's on the dance floor. He took me to breakfast and I went home not thinking I would hear from this perfect gentlemen. He never tried to kiss me or hold my hand give me a hug or anything. We found out that we agreed on everything except that I think Fords are better (I'm really a dodge girl, lol). Well, we got married in January and he still treats me like a lady. It's nice for a change.

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may you dance together for the rest of your lifes

That's such a heartwarming thing to say.How wonderful.