You May Never Read This, But I Want You to Know I Love You.

To whomever you are:

You may never read this, but I would like you to know I love you. I will love you forever until we meet. Until we meet I will search every face for you. I will save my first kiss for you, I will save our first dance. I will save our first fight until we meet. I will save myself for you until we say I do. I will find you. Somday when we meet I will have you read this so you know I was thinking of you. I was thinking of you long before we meet only because it was ment to be. In my heart I know your out there some where, waiting to be saved by me. As I you. I will try to wait for you, if we dont meet in this life I hope we meet in the next. I just want you to know that if we never meet until we see the face of god. Then I promise you it will worth the wait. God ment for us to be together. Just you and I dont know it as of yet. I am sure you feel someone is out there waiting for you, but you just havent met me yet.

I just want you to know: I love you, dear one whoever you may be.


tabitha21forever tabitha21forever
18-21, F
Jun 14, 2007