Love At First Sight.

i know it sounds stupid, but i can honestly say i fell in love with my man the moment i saw him.

we met in class, about 3 years ago. it was a philosophy class, which isn't my best subject. a group of us friends sat in the far, back corner and he sat right in the middle. i walked in late, as usual, and i just fell in love. i got butterflies in my stomach and i just couldn't get any words out.

a friend of mine said he had a class with him last semester and called him over to sit with us. he sat right in front of me and we just clicked. he had a girlfriend at the time, but they broke up within a week of us meeting in class. a few weeks later i saw him out one night and we got to talking, smoking, chilling and we totally hit it off. then summer came and he left, which sucked cause he had no cell phone or any way of contacting him.

summer went by fast and i was excited to go back to school and find him. but he was nowhere to be found. i saw some of his buddies and they told me he moved down south. i was heart broken, but i got over it... so i thought.

months and months went by. i started dating and just moved into a new house with some new friends. my new roommates, new neighbors and i decided to throw a party and he ******* showed up. crazy. turns out he moved back to chico that day and he lived in the dorms with all of my "new" friends.

it's weird. how things end up in the end. it's like we were suppose to find each other.
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those butterflies man. you go so long without them they become like childhood memories and then BAM<br />
<br />
that's awesome :)