The Magic of Love

The dictionary describes love as a warm and tender liking, deep feeling of fondness and friendship; great affection or devotion.

My description of love is that it is the most important and fulfilling emotion we will ever experience. It is the strongest feeling I know. It is something that can produce results as if by "magic," because it works in many different ways that are so wondrous and strange.

Love is the one thing that this world could use more of. It is the ONLY known thing that can abolish hate. If we could all learn to love, and open our hearts, we could all be capable of learning so many of the other important things in life that really matter and the world could then become a place of peace.

Perhaps my outlook is too naive? But if naivete is me then I would much rather be here than looking at the world with anger forever. I want my life to have meaning and something to fight for. Love is tough as hell to ignore but even tougher to stuff away if it has already begun. The battles that we face as tribulation is before us are phenomenal.....but I believe that they are surmountable.

Love can make us gentle, patient, caring, humble, appreciative, considerate, understanding, generous and kind. Love is what keeps us from being hateful, unkind, envious, boastful, proud, vain and rude. It helps us to not insist on having it our own way all the time and it helps us to be irritable,resentful and malicious.

This is NOT to say that finding and keeping love is easy. The road is bumpy and difficult and has a river of tears that follow, believe me some of them are mine. But allowing ourselves the pleasure of loving another is a gift we should cherish. It doesn't always come about for us easily this love thing does it? It is a war between wants and needs and desires that may need time to accomplish. Keep in mind that it is work to begin and sustain. Just cherish the here and now!! And thank God to be blessed with it :-)

Love is a beautiful song that has the possibility of soothing us when everything is going wrong. It is the goal for my life to love him with everything I have. Guide me to see the path to him Lord, and give me a seat belt for the bumpy ride.


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