I'm In Love Again

The year was 1987-1989, I met a boy named nelson who I just totally fell for, and fell hard. We started messing around with each other, we were at a party at my dad's place one time, it was a huge party. i guess nelson and decided that we wanted to be alone, so we went down stairs of my dad's next thing you know my dad is there just yelling away at us, he was so upset. Anyway we were hanging out for some time, then one time we were at a party at the ball park and I was wondering why this young girl kept coming and hanging around. I then caught him talking with her and I knew that he was seeing her, man I was so hurt I told her that she should talk to nelson's mother next thing they started going out, My heart was so broken that I couldn't handle seeing them together so I moved to Vancouver BC  to get away from them, I guess she got pregnant and had his baby. Man i really hated her for that, anyway he moved on so Did I. I always loved and cared for nelson all these years and he knew that, I always jumped for him. I forgave him along time ago for breaking my heart. Then in some time later he moved to Van to go to school I didn't know that, I seen him at my place standing there I couldn't believe it, but like I said my heart was broke, so I didn't even talk with him. I moved on had a boyfriend. So I moved back home the day after my 22nd birthday. Nelson and I had stayed friends even hooked up with each other about three times even though we were in a relationship with other people we always had that kind of connection, then he started going out with this unfortunate looking girl, I was disgusted in him for going with her so I started going out with Sean, this relationship was so unhealthy all we did was fight. Then I got pregnant and had a baby girl who is 20 months old, now nelson and I are involved again for over a month now and I'm so in love with him it scares me. I can't eat, sleep because he is always on my mind, I even had to e-mail him to let him now how I feel  because I just get so nervous around him. I have so of fun when we are together, and so scared that he will break my heart again. So I'm in love again with Nelson
missgmcn missgmcn
31-35, F
Jul 6, 2007