La La La La La La Means I Love You.

Yea I do believe in love but I do not believe that there is a love for me out there.  I've hada whole lot of misses, and a couple a hits that turned into missed.  And if those great relationships went down hill, I know that there is no hope for a chic like me.  So, love doesn't really stink, it's just not for everyone.  Or maybe just me.
TeyJai TeyJai
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 11, 2007

You are the inventor of your own downfall. You need help stat. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The younger me who wrote and believed this 8 years ago was definitely in need of 'help'. However, with time and life experiences.... I've grown and I am rather well. Thank you. 😉

To settle down happily in love you both have to have realistic expectations and be happy with the sort of lover you can get and keep. You both also have to have respect. So:<br />
Are your expectations truly realistic or are you picking a partner who a lot of other people fancy and can go off anytime?<br />
Are you picking a partner who has respect?<br />
Do you really respect them or are you just looking for them to make you happy?<br />
The right person maybe under your nose but you can't see them right now.

You're absolutely correct. It's amazing how time changes your perspective on things. Thank you for your input.