Love Is Special

I always beleived in love i always knew i would fall in love one day.. and till now i never felt it.. now that i have found my soul mate in my lover i have nothing  more to ask for in life.. its strange how things work out.. when i first met the love of my life never thought we would fall in love so deep that it hurts to be apart ..he didnt think i was his type of girl,but i knew striaght away he was the one.. as days went on i was falling for him so bad .. in return all i use to get from him was we will only ever be mates if that..! i showed him i accepted but deep inside i knew i loved him.. as the days went on we became closer and closer and his approach to me changed.. he did tell me he loves me. :) weve been togeather for couple years now and till death do us apart we will be as one. we maybe two people we may have two hearts two souls but we are as one... till the end of time..he makes me feel so special gives me strength to go on..Its been hard for me latley i have suffered alot all i do latley is cry because of everything thats going on in my life but he gives me strength to go... Its funny how things work out.. honestly i can say i dont regret one single minute of being with him.. we cant predict the future.. but i can say love is powerful if your in love dont give up even if you feel your holding onto nothing.. keep holding onto nothing.. sounds daft hey...! oh well ... it worked for me.. i was honestly holding onto nothing and it was killing me from inside only i could feel that pain .. now i look at myself and i dont regret feeling all that pain because now that pain is nothing...
Dipz Dipz
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 14, 2007

I feel you. me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now and he is the greatest person in the world. I dealt with a lot of heartache in past relationships and I just prayed that the lord would let me find someone who wouldn't put me through more grief and loved me as a whole and didn't take me for granted. I wouldn't trade my boyfriend for anything he's all I got left and he makes me so happy