What Is Love?

At age 13 I meet a guy who was new to my school!  He looked so cute!  I thought he was everything I ever wanted.  He was different then most guys!  What made him so different was that he was deaf.  Sign language intrigued me since I every knew that it existed. 

We endend up eventually going out!  Well you know how Jr. High Relationships are.  We spent almost every day together after school.  Every weekend together.  I thought he was everything to me.  He said he loved me & I thought " WOW i'm going to be with this guy forever!"  We were on & off dating for 3 yrs.    Then he cheated on me 3 times.  But I was young & kept going back to him everytime he said he wanted to be with me again.  This went on & on for months.  Then at the beginning of my freshman yr . he started to get obsessive.  He just wanted me all to himself.  I wasn't aloud to hang with my friends.  I had to call him 3 times a day.  My world was changing & I didn't like it one bit. 

Finally I meet someone I had kinda of liked since my 8th grade yr. in Jr. High.  He just wanted to be friends.  But he eventually started hanging out with me.  [ At this time me & my Ex. were on a break!]  He treated me with respect!  He wanted to earn my parents respect! [ which meant everything to me!]  Pretty soon I felt that my Ex.  wasn't the type of guy I wanted to spend forever with.  So i told him that I wanted to break up for good.  He didn't like that.  He would follow me around at school.  He made sure I couldn't get the chance to talk to the new guy I liked.  [ Even though the new guy was a Jr. in High school ].  He got posessive of me.  Then started hitting me.  I was so scared i never told anyone.  Until it was caught on the video camera at school I knew I had to do something.

A year passed & he started to see what he was doing to me.  That he really didn't love me.  He just didn't want to see me happy.  Now I've been with that new guy for 3 1/2 yrs.  I love him so much!  He has shown me what loving someone really means.  My family adores him, & he is always their anytime I need him.  I feel like God has blessed me more then I will ever know.  I hope that one day we will get married.  We talk about it often.  I just hope our relationship can make it to that step. 

I believe that everyone will fall in love sometime in their life.  It's just a matter of when!  & for all fo the girls who have been in a bad relationship their is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

EricaS011 EricaS011
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2009