Work Crush

I have this girl that I work with who never fails to make me smile, she really is funny and both of us can make the other laugh.. and not in a cheesy fake way, actually funny.. and on top of that she is pretty cute. All day its just innocent flirting which is completely fine with me, I know she has a boyfriend and stealing someones girlfriend is wrong and thats not my interest. Anyway it just makes work go by so much faster to have someone to look forward to seeing there, shes a little older than me, already has a boyfriend, and I know things would be so different if they got serious, so I will just keep enjoying her the way it is.. the more I think about it I don't think it would be anywhere near the same if we developed a relationship so I'll definatly keep it simple. I can't wait to find someone for myself that makes me this happy, truly puts a smile on my face.

Lookingforhappiness Lookingforhappiness
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Don't stop searching until you find it because it is the best!

maybe shell break up with her boyfriend one day!