He's not just a guy , he's the reason I breath. Some days I forget what it's like to be with him , I push the images of him out of my brain because not being with him is like going into a deep depression where nothing matters because it's not him. This summer was the most amazing summer of my life , I fell in love again , I opened myself up to feeling something. The only problem is that now my love is gone , yesterday will forever be a wonderful day. I truly understands what it means to love someone inside and out , to never judge what you don't like because it's so much more you do like to overpower the dislike. When I look at him I get butterflies and my heart starts to race when I think about him. I think about his smile , his laugh , the way he makes me completely forget about my problems for a couple of hours , he knows me inside and out and I know him , I can't imagine my life without him. He leaves for school next week but yesterday was the last time I saw him , he made me laugh , let me hang out with him , had an emotional conversation with me before completely making me fall in love with him again during the most intense sex I've ever had. I know what it means to lose yourself in something , I will be with him , we will be a forever , but as of right now he's just him...
Kaydash Kaydash
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

I bet it doesn't end well.... Ha ha ha ha aha

For your sake, I hope the feeling is mutual! Good luck by the way!

Good for you! Enjoy the memories