I believe in love. That is actually an understatement. I don’t mean lust, as most men are programmed for that. It is part of our DNA ladies please forgive us. What I am talking about is love. Unconditional, I don’t have to have anything back from you in return love. That is real love, true love.

A lot of women believe men aren’t emotional. That is not true, we just don’t always show outward signs of it but it is there. If you don’t think men are emotional go see a group of them at a game where their favorite team just lost by one point and I will show you emotions.

I not only believe in love, I believe in romance. If a man loves a woman she should not have any doubts about it. Show her. I love the little demonstrations of love. Candy, flowers, slow body massages with coconut oil in a candle lit room. Taking baths together in a sunken tub. Making love, is more than body parts rubbing together. Your whole body is a sensual organ and you should not neglect it.

Too many people just concentrate on sexual organs and neglect necks and shoulders, legs and feet. Get in touch with your lover’s body and explore it, every inch of it and find out what works for them. Most of all communicate and let each other know what works. If your love making is over in 15 minutes, you should pack your bags and leave; you don’t deserve to be there.

Then end result of a couple who communicate and explore each other will be the most satisfying experience you can imagine. I think the men should lead, but it takes participation from both for it to work like it is suppose to.
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Thank you for sharing... loved what you wrote! 😊

Thank you

Babe, you put the R in romance. you know how to do it right. you have your priorities in the right places and you know what I am talking about. Most men talk but you walk the talk....and I love it.

Thank you babe. I do appreciate that. I would walk the walk with you any time

That I know to be true...you have never wavered and that I love more than anything.

Perfect... just perfect :)

Well said...