I Believe In Love...but Sometimes Have Doubts

i believe in love but when things happen to shift you off track. it makes me wonder.

my boyfriend and i of a year, keep having fights about how i dont understand him, and how all i do is think about myself. i realize you dont know anything about the two of us, so i dont want to give the impression that it is all his fault. i am the type of person who thinks about everything that i do. consiquences of my actions and others. he is the type of person who just does it then asks for permission. i have come to understand that and except it. however, he says that when we first started going out, he wanted to be with a person like me. that, that is who he fell in love with. However, no he says that because he has sarted hanging out with his friends more, he is remembering the great times that he had with them before. He like who he is when he is around them. the type of person who party's, drinks stayes out all night. he wants someone who will not just be in the same room with him, but be WITH him in the same room. He tells me that he see's himself marrying me and settling down with me, but right now he wants the party girl. he doesnt seem to get how much it hurts me when he says theses things. all he says is that i need to think about how he feels.
i just dont understand how he can go from loving me, and being in love with me, telling me he wants to marry me and live with me. to saying that he needs someone who will go partying and be up for anything. but yet, he doesnt want to break up, thats the furthest thing from his mind. i just dont get it. i love him so much it hurts sometimes. i just dont know what to do. i am going on a trip for a week and he has suggested that we use that time to think about what we should do about us.
am i crazy to think that we could fix this? i just dont know what to do. help me.

wckyblnd13 wckyblnd13
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2009