I've always felt that there's someone out there that can understand you 100% that there's a person that could make you happy no mater what is going on. one single person can change your whole life. this person can be long distance or right next door. this person can look at you and find absolutely nothing wrong with you. they will know everything about you even the smallest detail like how many scars you have. even when you argue with each other you guys can't be mad at each other because you need to talk to each other. there's not a day you can go by with out talking to each other. you guys will never get bored of each other. because you guys find everything amusing about each other. and when you're together it's just you two and no one else can change the spark between you guys.
aminakhrystine aminakhrystine
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 26, 2014

That is true