The Power of Love



Light destroys the darkness. 

Pure light casts out all blackness and floods the soul with the pure and simplistic beauty of nothing but itself.


Love casts out all doubt. 

It chains all fears and covers all flaws.  It brings out the best; and causes all imperfections to fade away.  Where love reigns, there is no fear.  With love, freedom abounds.



To love someone with the clear light of love is to experience all the intensity that life has to offer.


To love gives you energy.


To be loved gives you strength.


Love changes you.  Suddenly, you are thrust into a clear bright reality that dazzles the senses and overwhelms the mind. 


Love is a passion unrivaled by anything on earth.  It is the deepest need of the human heart.  It is the greatest longing of the soul.  Love wants to reign, but first it must conquer all.  It must destroy all sorrow, and doubt.  It must slash the thoughts and feelings of the past.  It must change your life.  It must change your world.


Love is real.  It is raw, uncensored, and cruel. 

It is smooth, free, clean, and clear.  It is a sword that destroys.  It is a shield that protects.


True love, in its purest form is painful.



It could be no other way.


How can one know the depth of something, without first experiencing the opposite as an extreme? 

Only after knowing great sadness can the heart know great joy. 

Only after knowing the pain of loss, does the victory feel as sweet.

Only after lonely nights and tears from a broken heart can the morning light of love shine into your soul.


Only after a night of darkness, can the dawn come.



I choose to be.  I choose to live.  To bleed, to mend.  To hurt, to heal. 


I choose to feel the pain of darkness and the joy of first morning light. 


It could be no other way.



I choose to love. 




Love chose me.


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17 Responses Mar 16, 2009

So beautiful Hun, you are so right and the pain is there to be embraced.


I like it. Well done :)


OH, lol!<br />
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Thanks.<br />
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And pie is blown away too? It went far away I hope. You're welcome for that. Any time I can rid the world of a pie, the better off life is.

Oh thank you moonlit. :)

This is so beautiful and it really resonates with me :D

aww baby that sweet... <br />
<br />
tho i wish you never had to feel the pain. i have felt it, i have loved the worying thing is that the more i fall in and get thrown away the less i want to put into the next, im scared by the time i meet my 'soul mate' it will put so little in cause of fear of the pain.

Awww... Thank you from both of us ;)

Both the story and the comment brought tear to my eyes!!!AMAZING!!!!

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Thanks musicspirit!

Well, it's perfect :) It's like the story of life.

Oh, just a couple errors.<br />
<br />
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to myself. :P

Mhmm, i cant put my finger on it of what you have changed :P

Wow....<br />
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Your comment is needs it's own story!<br />
<br />
You should publish it as such!<br />
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Comparing love to armor is a great metaphor.

Indeed :) there isnt good enough comment for this i guess this one will have to do it :)<br />
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ps: i think you already know that i like the way you write ;)<br />
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I agree with what you have said. <br />
I also think that true love is the most priceless and protective armor in our lives .<br />
..although you cant buy it, you cant sell it, you cant acquire it by any means <br />
...although you cant keep it, store it for rainy days, put it in the box for battles in the future <br /> is still the best armor the person can have in their lives.<br />
<br />
The armor, that does not reflect the damage done to you but changes it, channels it through the prism of kindness turns it around to something beautiful and then sends it back to the attacker.<br />
<br />
The armor, that does not only protect you, but heals your old wounds... gives you strength, endurance, vitality.<br />
<br />
Love, the armor of life.

this is very beautiful!