When I Gave My Heart...but Now I Can Feel That Again..


So near,yet so far

seems so beautiful but yet cant be

Be always there in my life,even from a distance

I guess its a feeling stronger than me

Be there..


You change everything without even knowing

I wish u always stay here

its actually stronger than me,have to hide it

Its so beautiful..Give u a hug,give u a kiss..life is playing games with me..


You change this reality but it seems another of my dreams

you have this magic,you may cant see

but u touch my heart,like i can hear a melody

Noone will ever know about this

but in my darkness u always make me hope

u bring the light and i try to be strong


Did anyone knew the difference between living or trying to live?

this place is sometimes like a show,people come and go

but i wish u always stay here,tonight i ll sing slowly my dear..

Who could believe my heart could feel again?

Somehow God brought u here,no explanation for that,

we learnt each other and now my heart can feel again

u make me believe again


Have to hide it..but i can love again

i wish u always stay here

never leave..that would be my fear

for u i ll always be here*

annasangels annasangels
18-21, F
10 Responses Mar 19, 2009

thats really nice.

Angel - I can hear your heart. Thank you for this - LOVELY!

glad u like it*

i like that it's got such a nice feeling to it .

Pulling my heart strings, just Beautiful ;o)

glad u like it :)

this is very beautiful!


Sweetheart, so beautiful, what a lucky person to have such gorgeous things said about them....perhaps I will know this person one day!<br />
I am so happy you feel beautiful! xx

ur story is so real, and it touched me whole heartly. Where on earth did such inspiring words.....obviously from ur loving heart. Keep up sweet, will to hear ur stories now and again.