How I Know It's Real

I can't stop thinking about him. I worry about him when I don't know what he's doing. His voice makes me crack a smile. He makes me feel safe. I can't imagine my future without him, and I don't know what I was doing before I was with him. After 3 years together my heart still beats quicker when I'm touching him. I LOVE THIS GUY!
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Sounds like you found love by being love,..knowing its out there is a very nice feeling, go girrl,..we need healthy people like that,making love--not necessarily babies!!!lol

Yes you ARE lucky (and so is he) . . . . I read this just as I was about to start a new topic:<br />
Do Not Believe in Love<br />
LOL<br />
Seriously, I'm happy for you :D

Congratulations !

You and your guy are very lucky! =D

That is how love should be...i envy you =)

you are very lucky congratulation

Lucky for You ...<br />
<br />
Congratulations !