Princess In a Tower

Ever since I was young I gave my love to all

And I Got back on my feet from every single fall

Time and Time again I tried to do my Best

Now it's time to take a break, time for me to rest


Tired of doing all the work when it comes to love

No matter how much I gave, it never was enough

If you want to rescue me,  you have to have the power

I've locked myself in my cage,  A princess in a Tower


Hey all,

This is just a poem that came to my mind that I thought I would share.  It reflects upon my feelings when it comes to love.  Really I know I have a lot to offer,  but it seems like no one aprecaites that,  so I have decided instead of looking for love this time I am going to let it come to me. This time I want to be rescued instead of being the one to do all the work,  I am waiting for my night in shining armour :)


Yes I know I'm silly,  but you gotta love me!  :P


Hope all is well with everyone :)  xoxo

Wonderfulinsanity Wonderfulinsanity
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1 Response May 7, 2009

I am a Jedi Knight, and I am very careful with my punctuation. I never heard of a 'night in shining armor'.<br />
Interesting poetic idea - to dress the night itself in a shining armor, but am I right when I'm saying this wasn't your meaning?... :)