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I spoke with Kevin on many occasions by phone because our companies worked together.  This went on for months and I never had the opportunity to meet him. 

Approximately six months later we met.  He was very nice, but seemed too young for me. I later found out he was actually older than me.  I was already in a serious relationship anyway. This was in 1987 and this work relationship remained the same for about three years. 

In 1990, my relationship ended with the other guy and Kevin and I went out for a drink as friends.  It did not go further than that and neither of us seemed interested at the time.  For the next few months, we only spoke on the phone. 

I started thinking about that maybe a nice guy was the way to go since I was never attracted to nice guys before.  He asked me to a party and we began dating seriously for the next year.  I fell madly in love with him.  He told me he fell in love with me from the first moment he heard my voice on the phone.  We got engaged after a year and married in 1992. 

In 1994, we welcomed our beautiful daughter and the rest is history.  We are very happy all of these years later and I believe there really is such a thing as true love.

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Happy for both of you. Enjoy the bliss of a happy family...

That is a great story. Here's hoping about the penpals thing.

Some don't claim to believe in true love, never have been bitten...

I love this story. Thank you for sharing it. All the best for you and Kevin and the little one(s)? I hope there are more now ;)

awww i hope you both last long together this really is such an awesome story :)

awww i hope you both last long together this really is such an awesome story :)

thats a great story....

Great story JerseyGirl. I too had the first contact with my husband over the phone. I just think love finds its way. Continued happiness!<br />
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Staffan - Unfortunately for you - you obviously have not been in love, and if you continue this path, it's unlikely that you ever will. Lighten your soul and let some sunshine into it.

Great story. Love exists and it has a may of finding you when you least expect it. Through a phone call that leads to a series of events that ultimately act as fate.

I fell in love with my wife at first sight and i have loved no other since. That was sixty years ago and we are still together. She is not very well now and I am her carer. and we still love each other. I hope you are as fortunate as we are Jersey Girl. And Steffan, I do hope that you don't trip over your tongue one day and do yourself an injury.God bless you .

I first spoke to my love on the phone when I was on the island Iona in Scotland. We had been penpals for almost ten years then, and we tried to set up a rendezvous in Edinburgh that very same week. It took her a full day and me two days to reach our meeting point, but that's already six years ago and we've never parted since.

this is great! im glad you are so happy!

What a beautiful story--I believe in love-always have--I do believe you need to be friends first though-and you did it the right way in my book! Good for you!

I agree, if you are friends first and find much in the other person that you like and admire, even though he may not look like the man of your dreams, when you get to know him, something happens that opens both your hearts and you find that love is based on mutual friendship and admiration.

This ia a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it!

jerseygirl, i am so happy for you....<br />
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staffan, i'm sorry you feel that way.... 'optimal circumstances for mating' sounds like a technical term for lust...which does feel like love, but its not the same.....<br />
<br />
love is a wonderful thing.....i'm glad i found it 7 yrs ago...

aww, thats great. wish u have a wonderful life ahead.

I do not believe that true love exist.<br />
<br />
What does exist is optimal circumstances for mating ... and that may feel like love ...but it isnĀ“t .<br />
<br />
It is simply luck by coincidence ...a good thing indeed ...but not anything to consider as a basis for Your perspective on life. If You do ...your children ...not being as fortunate as You ... may loose major parts of their lives in finding out the truth ...<br />
<br />
Sorry ...but I am convinced this is the real truth ...

an excuse of the loveless.

lol, very true...


How sad for you, that you have been unable to find the person who can open this lovely world for you ,
But hopefully you will and then welcome to the real world,

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