Very Rare Nowadays

i've been in love before and it was the most  beautiful experience ever... until we broke up. Now it seems like love is so hard to find, yes i currently have a boyfriend, but i just cant seem to love him like i want to. My last boyfriends were in the same boat too. Love is a very rare thing nowadays, but the trick to finding it is not looking for it... i learned that the hard way...
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2006

When we are desperately searching for love, it seems to evade us somehow, just like anything we desire so completely, you are right when you say, that you have learned to let love find you, when you are ready,

i've had a great and wild love...once..i wonder sometimes, will i find another to surpass it, or was that the best i'll get?

Love is complicating, I know its hard when you felt that one true love and you just keep comparing that love to other relationships that you now have. But you all gets better. I had my "first love" and it was so hard to get over her, she was the most special thing in the world to me..but when I found someone else that reminded me of her it helped..not just reminded me of her but she's even better than my past love, she makes me feel like I'm floating. Love takes time, don't worry it'll work out in the end

So did I.