Until You,,,

What is Love anyway?

I am not sure I really knew what love was before you but then again I didn’t have anyone willing to stay up all night telling me how much I am loved.  I never had someone to talk me through my anxieties and angers making me feel foolish for being mad in the first place.  I never had anyone that made me smile that silly grin just by being himself or someone that makes my heart skip a beat just knowing that I made him smile. I could go on and on and it would be never-ending. 


Never before did I realize the true meaning of the word “love.” I have never known when I was in love; or whether I was in love.  I always had a sense of belonging or a feeling of comfort but I never felt truly in love…..


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Knew I meant a lot to you....<br />
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I know who you are talking about. SO happy for you FG.

:) I am not surprised. We have such similar scenarios.

This is extraordinary! I am working on writing something very similar to this... :)

NS, that is so true and that is kind of what I mean by my post.<br />
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JG, Yes, it is my friend.

:) I love you girl.

Good for you, my amazing friend!

Thanks Ladee. You are a dear friend.

Thanks y'all, very much from my heart and most know where my heart is.

Thoughts from the heart Fg ...... : )


thank you, it gives me hope :)


Thanks y'all

Very good story FG.

Never say never or you might just miss out on the best thing you have ever had.


Oh my girl this is very beautiful-good for you!

I will have to check it out.



Thanks y'all. This is something I write earlier and just now posted.

That is very inspiring my girl friend.........